2 Last Minute Valentine's Day Romantic Surprises

Davina- Alt Valentines 38266.jpg

Here are two super simple and quick ways to tell your love how you much they mean to you in a playful and unexpected way. 

1. Liquid Chalk Message on the window or on a mirror

Liquid Chalk is amazing - you can buy it in any colour and it wipes off as easily as dry chalk. Its brilliant to write on glass with but can also be used on chalkboards for finer detail than dry chalk. I wrote the message 'You melt my heart' and then dripped some water from above to give the writing a melting effect. Elfie also got involved and made her own message for Nick! See below. You can buy liquid chalk from most good stationary shops for about £3 a chalk. 

Davina- Alt Valentines 38308.jpg

2. Rubber Stamped Secret Message on reverse of your lover's pillowcase

About seven years ago I embroidered a Valentine's message onto the reverse of Nick's pillowcase and this year I thought I'd try rubber stamping one. I used Yellow Owl Workshop's Fabric ink to make the message long lasting but if you wanted to write a temporary message you could hand write one using a dressmaker's air dry pen, which vanishes in 48-72 hours.  Or you could use a fabric pen to make a permanent one in beautiful handwriting. If you have a font you like simply print it out the write size for your pillow and place in the pillowcase and trace it with fabric pen. 

Davina- Alt Valentines 38250.jpg

All photographs taken by Joanna Henderson. Styling Nicole Gray. Styling assistant Cassandra Doyle.

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