Making Plans for Kids' birthday parties

Elfie's birthday moodboard.jpg

Its Elfie's second birthday on Valentines day and we are going to have a small party to celebrate. I like to have a little theme for children's parties and a colour theme too to bring it all together. I was struggling to come up with an idea for a theme so I decided to tackle the problem like an artwork and I made a spider diagram of ideas based on what Elfie likes. In the end it had to be her Mouse Bear, which she absolutely loves (she can't sleep or suck her finger without it) and she actually has 2 so I thought that made it extra perfect. So its going to be a bit like a Teddy Bear Party but instead a Mouse Bear Party with lots of tea drinking and lots turquoise, grey and white decorations (the mouse bears are white and grey and turquoise to add a bit of colour).

Tips on planning a kid's party:

  1. Make a spider diagram of things your child likes
  2. Think about the natural colours of the chosen item and create a colour palate to compliment it and then decorate using those colours
  3. If you have time make a moodboard of ideas for the party to help you plan what you will need to buy and make - in my case I am going to need to buy paper stripy staws and I am going to make paper garlands with tea cups stamped on them and the mouse bear drawing is going to appear somewhere - maybe invite and cake

Moodboard Breakdown: